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Davenport school bus caught on camera rolling away!


Some Davenport parents are outraged after they say the bus their children were riding in began rolling away after the bus driver forgot to put it in park.

The mother of one of those students is speaking out after she says she caught her daughter’s school bus driver forgetting to put the bus in park, causing it to roll. Rachelle Elmore says she was filming the bus after several days of the driver not putting out the stop sign but what she caught on her cellphone was more than she expected.

It’s shocking video caught by Rachelle Elmore.

“I was video taping the bus because we had some prior safety issues,” said Rachelle Elmore.

Rachelle, the Mother of a Garfield elementary third grader was expecting to pick her daughter up Wednesday from the bus stop at 37th street and Bridge avenue when she says the driver of the bus did the unthinkable.

“The bus started to roll, the bus driver got out of her seat and walked toward the back of the bus to address students I thought and the bus started to roll, she had left it in gear,” said Elmore.

The bus was full of students at the time, including Rachelle’s 8-year-old daughter Grace.

“Two kids were fighting in the front seat and the bus driver got up and the bus started rolling,” said Grace.

Grace and her friend left to watch from the window.

“We were like knocking on the window trying to get my Moms attention,” said Grace.

Grace’s Mother Rachelle said, “The buss had probably rolled a good ten feet and there were parents screaming the bus is rolling, that’s when she got back in the seat and yanked the brake,” said Rachelle.

Rachelle says this isn’t the first incident with the driver of bus 48.

“Contacted the school, the bus lot and notified them about the previous safety issue of not putting out stop sign and kids and cars dodging each other,” said Elmore.

The young Mother now hopeful something will be done before children get hurt.

“Somebody please stand up and pay attention, these are our kids they can’t be replaced,” said Rachelle who went on to say, “I understand there was a fight in the bus absolutely she should have been concerned, however that doesn’t mean get out of your seat with the bus in gear, you just endangered every child on that bus,” said Rachelle Elmore.

Rachelle says Curtis Wheeler of the bus company was on scene after the incident Wednesday because of the fight on the bus. However, she says when she attempted to talk to him about the bus rolling he told her to call his office.

We contacted the Davenport school district, their offices were closed. However, we hope to follow up with them on Thursday.

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